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Vehicle Registration


Beiseker Registries offers all types of vehicle registration.

For new vehicle registration you will need to bring in the following:

  •  New Vehicle Information Sheet (NVIS) (only if this is a BRAND NEW Vehicle)

  •  The Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement. If vehicle has been sold to more than one person, both people must be present at  time of registration or a letter of authorization from the person who cannot come into our office.

  •  The Insurance Pink Slip in the same names as on the Bill of Sale or Lease agreement.

  •  Driver's license(s)

Renewing a Vehicle Registration

  •  Renewal Form
  •  Insurance Pink Slip
  •  Driver's license

Passenger vehicle includes all cars / trucks / motor homes / vans being used for personal use only -Motorcycle includes all on and off-road motorcycles and ATVs  

Farmers wishing to register their vehicles in the farm category must also meet Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development criteria. To obtain more information, call 1-800-232-7387.  

In-transit Permits                            

To move an unregistered vehicle or trailer from one location to another within Canada, you must purchase an in-transit permit.  

This is a temporary registration certificate ONLY, and the vehicle requires insurance in order to be moved. If the vehicle is being moved outside of Alberta you will need to show proof of ownership of the vehicle as well as proof of insurance.

Permits are not valid outside of Canada.

Important: Complete addresses of where vehicle is leaving from and going to are required.

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