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Boat Testing

All operators (regardless of age) who operate a Personal Water Craft (Seadoo), with a motor under 4m (13 feet), must have proof of competency since September 15, 2002.

All operators born after April 1, 1983 must have proof of competency.

If you were born before April 1, 1983 and operate a pleasure craft fitted with a motor that is 4 m (13 feet) and over in length, you will require proof of operator competency by September 15, 2009.

Testing starts at age 8. Anyone who is 8 or older may write the test and become a licensed boat operator. The license is a permanent boat operator card that never has to be renewed.

Beiseker Registries is an accredited Boat Operator testing center.

We offer testing 6 days a week Monday to Saturday.

We have study manuals for sale at our office.

Boat Registration

Beiseker Registries can not register your boat, you must contact the Registrar at your Port of Registry or 1-800-0CANADA

Transport Canada Marine Safety Website has all the information needed to help you register a boat.

A change of ownership must be sent in writing to the Registrar at your ship's port of registry, and must include the following documents:

If an original document, such as a Bill of Sale, or a Declaration of Ownership by an interim owner cannot be produced, you must complete a statutory declaration.

For further details contact:

Registry of Vessels
Transport Canada, Marine
800 Burrard Street, Suite 420
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2J8


604-666-3184    604-666-0822
604-666-3293    604-666-4169



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