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Road Tests                               

Road Testing for Class 5 (basic) and Class 6 (basic) are available at Beiseker Registries.

All appointments are booked through the online scheduler and can also be booked in person or online.

All GDL Advanced Road Tests must be done in one of the larger centre’s of your choice. (ie: Airdrie, Calgary or Strathmore).

When going for your road test you must provide the appropriate type of vehicle for a road test.

    - Class 5 exam you must provide any two axle motor vehicle excluding a motorcycle

    - Class 6 exam you must provide a motorcycle and earbuds

You are responsible for supplying a suitable vehicle for your road test.

The vehicle must have the following:

     -  valid insurance, plates, and registration

     -  working signals, horn, speedometer, parking brake, doors, seatbelts, mirrors, etc.

        safe tires, brakes, steering, fuel, exhaust, etc.

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