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Garage Keeper's Lien Act

A Garage Keeper registers a lien against an owner’s vehicle for repairs, parts or storage for which he has not been paid

Other Lien Types

The following Acts allow a lien to be claimed under certain situations, these liens are not registered in the Personal Property Registry system.


Possessory Liens Act

A person may claim a lien under this Act in the following instances:

Allows a person who has a particular lien for the payment of a debt on a chattel on which the person has expended money, labour or skill.

The keeper of a wharf has a lien on a chattel entrusted to their keeping.

A bailee has a lien where a chattel that has been bailed to the bailee by the owner for any charges that are due to the bailee under the terms of the contract.

Warehousemen’s Lien Act

Establishes a mechanism for any person lawfully engaged in the business of storing goods as a bailee for hire to claim a lien against those goods for non-payment of fees for services.

Woodmen’s Lien Act

Gives a person who has provided labour or service in relation to logs or timber in Alberta a lien for the amount of any unpaid wages, subject to certain limitations.

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