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Commercial Vehicle Registration                                

 Commercial Vehicle registration is dependent on many factors.

Here are a few questions you will need to answer when coming in to register your commercial vehicle.

Your registration is calculated by weight, so once you have confirmed the weight the vehicle is authorized to be registered for, we can confirm the price.

If your vehicle has a weight of 11,794 kg or more, you have to apply for a safety fitness certificate. We will need this certificate in order to register your vehicle.

A temporary Safety fitness certificate can be issued by our office. The temporary certificate is valid for 60 days, and you must apply for a permanent certificate within this time.

Permits may be available for the movement of oversize and overweight vehicles and their loads. Conditions are applied that minimize infrastructure damage and enhance safety to the public.

For more information about this program, contact the Permit Office at 1800-662-7138.  

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