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Annual Returns

Annual return information must be provided by the legal entity each and every year. The annual return provides information about the shareholders of corporations and extra-provincial registrations, or directors and/or officers for societies and non-profit companies.

If the annual return information is not filed, the Alberta corporation, society, or non-profit company will ultimately be dissolved. If an extra-provincial corporation does not file its annual return information, its registration will be canceled in Alberta.

Corporate Registry will mail a pre-printed annual return form to an Alberta corporation, society, and non-profit company and Limited Liability Partnership one month prior to the anniversary month of its incorporation. For an extra-provincial corporation, Corporate Registry will mail the annual return to the attorney for service a month prior to the anniversary month of its registration. If the paper form mailed by Corporate Registry is lost, the legal entity is still required to file the required information.


A corporation may either take the actual form or provide the information requested on the form to an authorized service provider for processing. Limited liability partnerships file annual reports. The annual report provides information about the representative partners. If the annual report is not filed, the Alberta Limited Liability Partnership will be struck. For extra-provincial Limited Liability Partnership their registration will be canceled. A society and non-profit company must provide its annual return information to the Corporate Registry Office.

Amend Notices


A corporation may amend its name and any of its articles or structure information, such as share capital, restrictions on share transfers, etc. As with all other filings for corporations, these changes must be filed with an authorized service provider.

Extra-provincial Corporations

An extra-provincial corporation must file in Alberta, through an authorized service provider, certified-true copies of amendments which were filed in the home jurisdiction.

Business Names, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships

The partnership name, number of partners, and their names and addresses may all be amended. Information relating to the change must be submitted to an authorized service provider.


A society's change of name or amendment to its objects or bylaws must be filed in accordance with the Societies Act. Two copies of all documents must be submitted directly to the Corporate Registry Office.

Religious Societies

A Religious Society may file changes to their name, constitution or bylaws. Two copies of all documents must be submitted directly to the Corporate Registry Office.

Non-profit Companies

A name change or amendment to the capital or bylaws, a non-profit company must prepare its own documents in accordance with Part 9 of the Companies Act and submit them directly to the Corporate Registry Office.

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