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How to Make Changes to Registrations


You make changes or corrections to registrations on the Alberta Personal Property Registry Electronic System (APPRES) by using a financing change statement or with a verification statement for renewal or discharge only, and submitting it to a registry agent for registration in APPRES. Changes or corrections are only effective from the date that the amendment is registered in APPRES.

The changes that can be made to a registration are:

          Debtor, secured party and collateral information may be changed if the registration is current on APPRES.

By using a Global Financing Change Statement, secured parties, solicitor/agents or civil enforcement agents can update registration information to reflect changes to secured party/solicitor/agent/civil enforcement agent name and or address information. The Global Financing Change Statement only applies to registrations where the secured party/solicitor/agent/civil enforcement agent has used a secured party code. For more information about the Global Financing Change Statement, call 780-427-0506 or send a note via e-mail for further information.

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